ahhh i’ve been neglecting this i’m sorry!! here have a post to make up for that

romaramblings i think ellie told me when we were discussing lydia that there are four nott siblings!! kitty’s got the youngest sister but there’s an older brother and older sister, if you want to talk to kerry about them?? i’m not sure if eliarps is still making the older sister or not though

anyway here have some random headcanons about aaron goldstein because i just realized i haven’t talked about him yet!! which is a shame because he’s great

  • so he’s part of james potter’s gang of rebels and misfits and dirtbags, he’s anthony goldstein’s son, he’s jewish (technically) which he will bring up at every available opportunity and yet never keep kosher, and he fancies himself a poet (but he’s not very good)
  • he was a ravenclaw in school because let’s be honest ravenclaws can be the most pretentious bastards around (i would know) and he is a creative thinker in his own little way
  • he likes to know the most useless trivia in the world, partly for his own amusement and partly so he can annoy people by throwing random facts in their face to win a dumb argument
  • he has such hipster taste in clothes, it’s all skinny jeans and scarves and graphic t-shirts, and he wears square glasses for no reason at all except he thinks it makes him look cooler
  • also leather jackets he’s big on those
  • he lets the others come up with harebrained schemes but he always just goes along with them because he finds it amusing then protests that he was an innocent victim later if they get in trouble even though he did nothing to dissuade them
  • he thinks the band is a stupid idea but he agrees because he thinks he’d be a great songwriter (he’s not) (well he is sometimes when he really tries) so he writes them a bunch of dumb songs that would never be hits but he makes them perform them anyway for his own ego
  • he can be pretty smart when he wants to be
  • but usually he just doesn’t care
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ok so clearly i will never be done talking about the delacour-weasley kids so here have some more dumb headcanons

  • victoire learning martial arts for fun!! and sucking a lot at first but with a lot of time and effort and hard work, getting really good, mostly to spite anyone who said she couldn’t do it
  • actually all three of them wearing glasses, victoire full-time (and hers are like customized and pretty bc she’s like that) and louis and dominique for reading and theirs are both super dorky and victoire makes fun of them for it
  • super here for dominique/teddy in all variations and also teddy/louis friendship on the side because you can’t have dominique without louis really
  • but like!! teddy always being over to hang out w/ victoire because they’re the eldest kids of the clan and just sort of being thoroughly charmed by her darling little sister and brother, this beautiful duo of mischief and mayhem and magic
  • and especially dominique who is the opposite of what anyone might think — not sophisticated elegance as the daughter of fleur delacour, not wild rebelliousness as the daughter of bill weasley, just a cute little goofball who loves her family and happily accepts him into her own as well
  • just!!! teddy and dominique being friends (and maybe more later on even though it’d take a lot for dominique to go for her sister’s ex like probably multiple blessings from victoire but you know) and also teddy scaring away annoying boys for her because nobody really takes louis seriously
  • this was gonna be about the delacour-weasleys but it turned into dominique/teddy i apologize
  • that will be all for today

victoire/dominique/louis headcanons because they are probably my favorite set of siblings ever (well i say this now, it really fluctuates, but you know what i mean)

victoire being the shortest of the three and dominique and louis both being super tall and lanky like bill and victoire hating it half the time but the other half being very amused because the two of them are clumsy enough to knock their heads into every low ceiling ever

victoire and louis both having sort of golden-blonde hair and then dominique in the middle with vividly red hair and victoire loves to braid it and play with it because she’s in love with the color and considers dying her own hair the same color but is assured she looks fabulous as a blonde by dominique

dominique and louis being very close in age to the point where they act like twins half the time even though they’re technically not, and having the most in-tune sense of humor with each other that nobody else in the family understands except maybe victoire and if she does, she won’t tell you what the joke is, anyway

dominique and louis both ending up in gryffindor, both total goofballs who love a good time, love having friends, and value the art of a good prank and the recklessness required to pull one off properly and a lot of people consider them the fred and george of the new generation, which took most of the family by surprise

victoire ends up in ravenclaw because, and though not a lot of people know it because it’s hard to see past the veela beauty, she’s actually a complete and utter geek, she loves reading books and knowing dumb useless facts about things nobody else cares about, and eventually when she’s like sixteen and her eyesight starts to get worse because of all the late-night reading she goes and gets herself a cute blue-and-silver pair of glasses instead of fixing it with magic because she likes the aesthetic

dominique being a total hipster photographer wannabe that louis constantly makes fun of her for and initially her photos are super not great but overtime she gets better and actually invests time/effort/money into it because she refuses to let people think of her as some cliche and she actually becomes really really good

louis actually being a really good artist, with his preferred medium being pencils, and he turns out to be great at comics and eventually goes on to start a whole series of wizarding comic books about superheroes and magic once he decides to let people know about his talent

and victoire has always been the stars-in-her-eyes destined-for-new-york broadway girl of the lot and she knows literally everything about broadway from all her years of researching and reading up on random trivia and as soon as she’s graduated hogwarts and the wizarding academy of dramatic arts, she jets off to new york to chase her dreams

the three of them speaking french to varying degrees - victoire is the best; louis and dominique try but they have too much fun with the accent to take it very seriously, and they love family trips to france to visit their delacour grandparents and the rest of the family and dominique especially loves the photo opportunities in france (though she admits that the english countryside and the beach by shell cottage are still her favorite things to photograph)

victoire’s first crush/love/real relationship being a cute french muslim hijabi girl during a summer they spent mostly in france with their grandparents; later it’s teddy, then a new york boy who looks a lot like teddy, and finally this pretty broadway girl who started off as her stereotypical teen movie rival but later they became friends and then fell in love

louis and dominique both liking boys which amuses them to no end (their tastes are different; louis prefers brunettes and eventually settles down with a handsome, warm-skinned mediterranean boy whom he met in france; dominique, though she likes to deny it, is attracted to tall blondes who tend to fulfill the jerks with a heart of gold stereotype, much to louis’ amusement/exasperation)

victoire adamantly refusing to wear heels even though she’s so short, mostly because she knows she’s just as clumsy as her siblings despite having better mastered her center of gravity, so she constantly wears sneakers paired with cute dresses and skirts instead

louis loves to dress fancy because he knows he’s hot and wearing nice clothes only makes him hotter; dominique rolls her eyes at him a lot but she secretly loves wearing dresses too, only she prefers more casual jeans and shirts on a day-to-day basis

basically the three of them, the children of famous curse-breakers and war heroes, gifted with inhuman beauty and viewed as intimidatingly beautiful by their peers, actually being total dorks, all of them loving the arts in different ways and most of all, loving each other, making fun of each other (lovingly), and pulling pranks (victoire’s been known to pull some good ones herself; rumor has it louis and dominique get their skill from her, though she won’t confirm or deny anything)

also: louis and dominique making teddy’s life hell, but in a loving way, for the period of time where he’s dating victoire; victoire pretends to be mad but secretly she thinks it’s pretty funny, and teddy is constantly torn between annoyance and fond exasperation because damn it if he doesn’t love those kids anyway

lydia nott headcanons!!

  • on the outside she is always super bubbly and innocent with perfectly styled blonde curls and make-up and pretty dresses all the time, very much looking like a typical girly girl
  • a lot of people think of her as a ditzy blonde stereotype and she doesnt do much to dissuade them because she finds it works to her favor most of the time because ppl tend to underestimate her by thinking she’s more naive than she is
  • (she can be naive, but she’s still a slytherin through and through)
  • she actually has a pretty quick temper but she’s been raised as a pureblood princess with all the manners and poise that means so she rarely lets anyone see her short temper, preferring to fake a smile and move on and plot something with the slytherin girls later to get revenge
  • but she tries to be super sweet most of the time, although she does have a tendency to gossip and she can easily get annoying, plus her friendships with the slytherin girls have made her quite a few enemies around hogwarts
  • still she tries to be everyone’s friends up until they annoy her and she tries very hard to be a good sister but of course she’s a teenager and she bickers with them all a lot, especially her younger sister, in typical sibling rivalry fashion
  • most of the time her make-up is fairly subtle, she’s not one of those red-lips-and-winged-eyeliner type she prefers a more natural look but not so natural that you don’t think she’s wearing any make-up at all, usually some shade of pink gloss on her lips and gold eye shadow and blush (she’s very very pale so she uses quite a lot of blush and rouge to add some color to her face)
  • she has these ridiculous huge dorky reading glasses that she very rarely lets anyone see her wear (she normally just tries to read without them) but she really does need them and she makes quite a sight in them and her friends laugh and she thinks she looks absurd but they’re actually quite adorable in a very dorky way because they’re way too big for her face (but she gets them all decked out with gold on the side and pink jewel embellishments and stuff to make them look cooler)
  • she loves desserts and by extension baking (which she taught herself precisely because she loves desserts so much) so if you ever want warm freshly-baked cookies or a delicious birthday cake she’s your girl
  • she’s super flirty in general with most people though she doesn’t always mean it but she does it anyway
  • she never does drugs but she’s all for drinking, from beer to wine (though she does prefer wine and vodka in general to just plain beer or firewhiskey but she’s not super picky)
  • she loves pulling pranks just for fun and the only people who are truly aware of this are her best friends because everyone else assumes she’s too innocent and cute to pull pranks and she’s just excellent at using her looks to deceive people

ideas for the nott girl in the slytherin crew~

potential names

  • aurora
  • annabelle (anna)
  • lyra
  • clara
  • elena/elaina
  • gabriella
  • adelaide (addy)
  • iris
  • camellia (cammie)
  • malia
  • lydia
  • madeline (maddie)
  • charlotte

i like some of these names more than others obviously but i wanted to have a lot of options to discuss! (and yes i took malia and lydia from teen wolf i can’t help it they’re such pretty names)

potential face claims

  • chloe moretz
  • freya mavor
  • hannah murray
  • dove cameron
  • ashley benson
  • eleanor tomlinson

ahh coming up with dreamcasts is hard but i think either chloe moretz or dove cameron would be perfect for that sort of innocent girly blonde look! plus they’re both 17-18 unlike the others so they pull off teenagers better but of course the other girls are super pretty too so it depends!

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contrary to popular opinion
the very best things in life are free


lucy weasley ☼ a moodboard

and all the wrongs i’ve done, they got me on the run.

and it’s what you do, that comes back to you.

lucy weasley is beautiful. she’s beautiful, and she knows it, and she knows you know it, so don’t even bother to pretend.
(whether she cares, though― that’s what nobody can figure out.)

lucy weasley is beautiful. she’s beautiful, and she knows it, and she knows you know it, so don’t even bother to pretend.

(whether she caresthough― that’s what nobody can figure out.)